Ashe Oro is a freedom lover, Host of EOS Radio and CEO of TokenYield.

Led by his experience in Engineering and as Head of Business Development for Euro Pacific Bank, Ashe was drawn to blockchain tech in 2013 as a means to protect personal property and how it could facilitate free market currency competition.

In the blockchain community, Ashe is currently focused on:

  • Building TokenYield, an non-custodial DeFi dashboard helping users identify, track and manage EOSIO staking rewards.

  • Advising Chintai, a decentralized resource leasing platform on the EOS public blockchain.

  • Hosting EOS Radio, a weekly live radio show discussing in-depth topics of importance to the EOSIO community.

TokenYield is an all-in-one dashboard to identify, track and manage EOSIO staking rewards:

  • Non-custodial

  • Token management tool suite (stake/un-stake/claim)

  • Analyze portfolio performance

  • Buy/Sell (Bancor widget)

  • Identify and compare yield opportunities


EOS Radio was created in Jan 2019 after realizing that the best part of conferences were the panels and Ashe wanted to reproduce the weekly roundtable conversations in a streaming live format where the community can participate. Topics covered include the all things EOSIO as well as the most current pressing issues.


In June 2018, shortly after the EOS mainnet launch, Ashe registered FreedomProxy. It was a free market aligned voter proxy supporting transparency, technical competency, social outreach and the entrepreneurial spirit. The service was free and help set multiple standards for voter proxies in EOS.


In December 2017, Ashe and other members of the Steem blockchain community were discussing how difficult it was to know which tags to use in order to gain traction. The idea was sparked to build a custom analytics and reporting service to help us “Steem smarter”. In the next 10 weeks, a fully automated software stack was built using Ruby on Rails which actively analyzes >1 million blockchain transactions each day and releases visualized reports to help the community make sense of Steem. 


In June 2016, Ashe needed help with the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast and hired a Virtual Assistant. As podcast listeners began asking for help finding a Virtual Assistant, LibertyVAs was created. Our mission is to help liberty-minded, digital entrepreneurs find experienced, but affordable staff to grow their teams.

www.LibertyVAs.com >

In 2015, Ashe realized that becoming a digital entrepreneur could create more freedom and opportunity than his previous political action and libertarian theories combined. In August 2015, he created the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast as a platform to discuss actionable steps to BUILDING personal freedom by interviewing entrepreneurs who were already doing it.

www.LibertyEntrepreneurs.com >

In 2006, Ashe joined SlickEdit, a software company in Raleigh, North Carolina. During this time, Ashe developed his skill set in technical product support and worked closely with end-users, sales, and software development. The multidisciplinary nature of the position allowed him to build a well-versed understanding of the inner workings of a small software business.

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