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Ashe's talks.

Ashe has dedicated his life to opening conversations about the idea of "building freedom" and speaks with a passion that can only come from experience.

With a background in Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Economics, Ashe pulls from multiple perspectives and invites the audience on a journey to explore how to achieve personal liberty and build a free and flexible lifestyle.

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Building Freedom
as a Liberty Entrepreneur

Lifestyle design for
libertarians and free-thinkers


Freedom doesn't come from political action; it's more personal than that. Individual freedom comes from understanding how you can create value for others. The concept of 'building freedom' is obtainable, but requires the action-oriented mindset of a Liberty Entrepreneur.

Ideal for...

  • High School and College Students
  • Entrepreneur Conferences
  • Digital Nomad Summits
  • Libertarian Conferences and Meetups

Social Media

How content creators
can earn cryptocurrency


As a creator, you know how much time and effort goes into your content. All you get are upvotes and eyeballs that don't amount to much. What if those same upvotes resulted in cryptocurrency rewards? 

This presentation introduces the next generation of social media platforms where you and your audience get rewarded for the valuable content you create and curate. 

Ideal for...

  • Content Creator Conferences
  • Digital Nomad Summits
  • Content Publishers exploring blockchain use-cases
  • Influencer Networks

Why Inflation is Not the Enemy

Using voluntary inflation
to Grow digital communities


How can tokenized money be used to grow our communities? How can we incentivize people to be engaged? How to we support the entrepreneurs building our digital infrastructure?

This talk introduces the concept of 'voluntary inflation' and how new token creation can benefit the entire community.

Ideal for...

  • Money and Economics conferences
  • Libertarian conferences
  • Entrepreneurial conferences
  • Blockchain startups
  • Universities looking for a Guest Lecturer 

Break-up with your Bank

Financial Freedom for Digital Nomads


Banking options for Digital Nomads can be difficult and confusing. The legacy system wasn't created to support the uber-mobile lifestyle. Getting approved for bank accounts, paying absurd currency exchange rates and wondering if a client can pay in to your account could be a thing of the past. Digital currencies offer us the ability to control and manage our currencies and the freedom to do business with anyone without first getting approval from the old financial gatekeepers.

Ideal for...

  • Digital Nomad events
  • Digital Entrepreneur conferences
  • Co-working spaces
  • Remote work and travel companies (ie. Remote Year)


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