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Ashe Oro

Crypto-economist Liberty Entrepreneur


Building Freedom through Digital Entrepreneurship.

Ashe Oro is enthusiastic about building personal freedom and the role blockchains will play in the future of digital entrepreneurship.


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Building Freedom Through Entrepreneurship

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I appreciate Ashe’s thoughtful mind, dedication to reason and that he’s a rare breed of econ-minded individuals who express Hayek’s timeless humility; that we know so little about what we imagine we can design.
— Erik Voorhees, CEO of

Meet Ashe. 

Ashe Oro (Whitener) is a freedom lover, host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast and founder of Liberty Virtual Assistants.

Led by his experience in Computer Engineering and as Head of Business Development for Euro Pacific Bank, Ashe was drawn to cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech in 2013 as a means to protect personal freedoms due to its decentralized nature and ability to facilitate Free Market currency competition.

In the blockchain community, Ashe is currently focused on:

  • Building SteemSmarter, an analytics and reporting platform for the Steem blockchain.
  • Advising Chintai, a decentralised leasing platform on EOS blockchain.
  • Advising, a decentralised identification network on Ethereum blockchain.



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